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Violettes Lock Loop - LF 4.4 ft - Sun - 9 May
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We were 9 at the put-in - and the cool, overcast day got better the longer we were out on the water. All were old-timers on the stretch - Lisa brought a TRR guy, Yoges Kalotra to work on his river moves. 4.4 is on the high side, so there was little surfing in the major rapids. After Diagonal, we did Left Channel rather than the Jacuzzi route, as Debris Rapid at the end is still problematical for noobs. Left Channel has a number of easy places to surf and attain. Mellow. A group seal launch into a well watered C&O Canal. No sun, few turtles. But a fine swatch of yellow river irises. Our group was Mike Keefe, Lisa Laden, Barb, Lisa Weed & Yoges, Gary, Kathleen, Hendrik, and Alf. Parking lot only half full of cars - we'll soon miss these days.

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