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Thurs Paddle - STAIRCASE - 3.5 ft
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by Sheila Chapelle

We had an excellent trip today (14 June) on the Shenandoah, with 17 ( +1 ) paddlers including at least one person who was out for the first time since COVID began. It was great to paddle with so many old friends.  We were: Pete Chapelle, Seth Chapelle, Annie Chapelle + Lil Yak, Mark Brenneman, Tony Allred, Angel Acosta, Lisa Laden , Jean O'Steen, Mike Keefe, Fred DAlauro, Randy Snapp, Larry Lempert, Amy Womaski , John Snitzer, Virginia Darpiyem, Kim Buttleman, 

The young C-1 er took the stage at Bull Falls and showed us why he has been selected for the US Freestyle Team. His wife was carrying the +1 paddler under her spray skirt. " They" managed some " tandem" surfs. 

I borrowed a Jackson Antix 2 from my daughter in law. I loved its grace and quick response. You could probably hear me whooping and hollering down in DC.

We saw herons flying, an eagle being chased by a songbird and the baby eglets poking their heads above the nest anticipating dinner. 

The Staircase was at about 3.5 today, a lovely level on a 70 degree summer day. 

Kim quipped that we started with 17 +1 but we only took off with 16 +1. That sounds alarming but in reality my husband was able to join us through lunch when he had to leave for work

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