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Join for maiden vogage of origami canoe?
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Hi Alf,

Thanks so much for the information about today's trip (wasn't able to make that...but will go look at that board). And thanks for letting me know this part of the website is a bit of a backwater. I'll go focus on the trips section instead.


Hello, Sharon,

Happy to have you come paddle with us in your origami kayak. We've hosted folks in those boats on quiet parts of the Potomac - like going down to see the 4th of July Fireworks on the Mall.

Take a look at the trips section of the CCA website and see that tomorrow (Sunday, 17 Oct) there will be an easy trip on the Potomac. The Violettes Lock Loop. If that attracts, please get in touch with Jackie Hoglund the trip coordinaator at 301 661-6916 to discuss your coming.

By the way, you are very lucky I came along looking at this page, as a quick review will show that it is not often visited by club members. In fact, i wonder why we have it out here !!

All best,

Alf Cooley

Trips Committee

Hi CCA paddlers, I'm getting back into canoeing and looking to see if anyone wants to join in the maiden voyage of my new solo collapsible canoe ( if you want to see more) on an easy, not-too-rocky river. I have car racks so can help with shuttle of regular boats. Anyone interested?

Sharon Donovan

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