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Sunday Paddlers

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About the Sunday Paddles - (rev. 11 Sept 2020) We typically meet at Violettes Lock parking (5 miles up River Rd from Potomac, MD) at 9:00, cross the Potomac to run down the old George Washington Canal. We then paddle across the Po to Blockhouse Point/ Mi 21 on the C&O Canal.  Paddle back up to our cars at VL parking.  

   If the Canal is dry (not the case this summer) we may paddle down the Po, finishing by paddling under the C&O Canal to Pennyfield parking lot. This requires ride-sharing for the shuttle, so masks and open windows are obligatory. 

   This is a class I/II whitewater run for beginners and others, where we help new paddlers down moving water and may work on simple skills like water reading, eddy turns, and paddle group dynamics.  In non-covid times, we sometimes do Anglers to Lock 10 and if moist, Goose Creek and Seneca Creek.  In 2019 the Sunday series started up on Sun, 7 April.

There is a notification list to which you can be added. Just email and ask.

SYOTR - see you on the river

 This trip "the Loop" is due to two CCA achievements: Backing off the Coast Guard blocking the river for Trump's weekend golfing and prevailing upon the C&O Canal to rewater the Pennyfield to Violettes section in mid-2019 and again in 2020.

In 2020's covid era, we've been paddling mainly this loop, but also up Seneca Creek, the Golfcourse Rapid on Goose Creek, and the "Interstate" from the bottom of Goose Creek over to Edwards Ferry and back. Later - with brief shuttles - Goose Creek and Seneca down from Dawsonville gauge became possible.

Questions? Ask Wayne McDaniel (, Tim Tilson (, Peter Ryan (, Pam White (, and Gary Quam (

NB: In late summer, the C&O Canal used to become too low or clogged with river grass, meaning we needed to revert to the Pennyfield Lock meeting place with a car shuttle. In 2019 and 2020, we have liaised with the C&O Park to keep the level and the river grass didn't appear.

Any change in meeting place or time will be posted on the CCA Trip ScheduleIf you'd like to be on the Sunday Paddles mailing list (ca 100 people), please contact Wayne. This allows us to notify our regulars when we're canceling because of high water, foul weather, - or going on a different trip (think Seneca Ck, Anglers to Lock 10, Goose Creek, Antietam, Virginia Catoctin, etc.) rev. 24 Jan 2021

[picture below is of surfing on the Ledge, the GW's most significant (and friendly) rapid.] -  

See for details of this delightful section of the Potomac River.   

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