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Canal Rewatered from Lock 5 to Georgetown
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Around June 15, 2020, the C&O NHP (having cried "covid" and lowered Level 4 and Level 22 to well nigh impassible volumes), has now doused first: Level 22 (Pennyfield) with 5 extra inches, and then: Level 4 (Georgetown) with 15", and then on 27 June: 21"   Level 4 had been at less than zero (Bill Endicott gauge) - The park had announced it on 18 June - unfortunately they put this stuff at the very bottom of their webpage.

Thank-you NHP.

19 Dec 2020 - Georgetown Level 4 is dry and has been for over a month

Of historical note only: Much as I'd like to claim that this was due to CCA lobbying, it fell into our hands like an overripe fruit. Shortly after the 19th, the C&O Canal Park posted on Fb: "Here comes the water! - We are happy to note that the paddles at Inlet Lock #1 (mile 5) were opened on Friday to allow water from the river to re-water the lower 5 miles of the canal. Keep an eye out as the water levels in the canal change and go through the recently completed Locks 3 & 4!" Good news as the Little Falls gauge has dropped to 3.4 ft, just about its lowest this year.

  Alf Cooley

NB - by 12 Feb 2020 - there was no water left in this reach of the Canal - C&O Park says it'll be restored by mid March.

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