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Violettes Lock loop - canal had enough water 12/28...
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As of Fri, 19 June 2020 - the Park has opened the Violettes Lock gates and closed those at Pennyfield, meaning that the entire two-mile reach is navigable. Thank-you, NHP !

Likewise, the four-mile Georgetown Reach down from Lock 5 is also filling up after a long hiatus, enabling the Little Falls Loop. But in Oct? 2020 the NHP had drained it again, and our representations could not get it refilled. As of mid-Dec 2020 it is dry. - Alf

FYI, the C&O Canal had enough water today to return all the way to Violettes Lock after paddling down the Potomac's GW Canal and crossing the river. The level was quite adequate for most of the paddle back, and only at the very end, with Violettes in sight, did it get down to just passable. A canal-wide strainer rules out the easiest put-in for this return paddle, but putting in is manageable on the upstream side of this strainer.

Said strainer - at the Blockhouse Point transfer point / Mi 21 - an 8" diameter tree - has been mysteriously cut in twain in March 2020 - and passage up to Violettes is open.  Water level at the top end is minimal - 23 May 2020 (Alf C)
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