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Paddling Trips

2020 Trip Coordinator Workshop
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2020 Trip Coordinator Workshop      Sun, Feb 16, 2020 3-6PM


Safety – Responsibility – Liability at Barb Brown's, 10801 Admirals Way, Potomac, MD


S: CCA Instruction – Safety Workouts   R: for ourselves, then the Swimmer  L: Common Adventure, CCA Waiver


Kinds of Trips: Weekends (our focus here), incl. Family, Releases, Campers, Attains, Safety Workouts

    ALSO: Thursdays, Wednesdays, Sundays at Violettes, Pick-Up trips    


A - Choose a Stream


1 – Set up USGS Water Alerts (optional – internet)


2 - Use Am Whitewater & the Stream-Finder (S-F) to choose


3 – Predict weather & water levels (CCA website, S-F) – Have a Plan B


4 - Figure travel timesMeet-up places, return home times


5 - Ron Canter's 42 Maps - print or fwd to your trip members (opt)


6 – Ron Knipling’s 68 Ranked Streams – MCCs 140 Streams


7 - Consult old trip reports for that destination (opt)


8 - Trips Ctee* can assist, incl. to arrange co-coordinator, post trips, Learning new streams


B – Advertise It & Collect Your Group


9 – Post your trip on the CCA Calendar - Alf will send all CCA members weekly broadsides of 10-days' upcoming trips

        Insist people notify you – in case of sudden U-turn – email or phone – lunch – river-wear – Telephone interview for

        skill level – Decide if someone should not come, non-CCA members welcome   Post on FB or Paddle Prattle (opt), 

     Send broadside to the Pick-Ups list (most flexible - reaches 160 paddlers) 4 days ahead if posible.


10 – Choose a Meeting Point (in Stream-Finder) – Equipment check at Meeting Point as cars get left behind


C – On the River


11 - Riverside pre-paddle discussion: Intros, bios, route, lunch-spot, hazards, signals. set probe & sweep, accidents


12 - Equipment check, bring extra equipment (opt)        - Recruit members for the Club (bring CCA cards)


D - After Action


13 - Post a trip report  - a river hazard report     - report problems for the Trips Ctee.  And let us know about good eateries.



If time allows, we'll discuss problems encountered ("war stories") - How to call out a short-notice Pick-Up Trip


*Trips Committee is - Gary & Ginny Quam, Alf Cooley, Barb Brown, Susan Sherrod, Miki Komlosh, Mark Brenneman, Wayne McDaniel


Trips are Cross-Listed with the BRV and MCC

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