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Laurel Hill Creek @ 1250 cfs May 6
Sheila Chapelle

Colorado Ken, Marilyn Jones, Fred Delauro, Chuck Davis and I joined local Jim Pruitt for a lovely run on Laurel Hill Creek. We put in below the Whipkey Dam. There is a nice trail on the river right downstream side of the road bridge. At this level there are several warm up surf ledges.

The creek (really the width of a small river) flows past a number of nostalgic summer cottages before dropping into a hemlock studded gorge. We were treated to a bank of Trillium Grandiflora in full bloom.

After a couple miles the pace picks up with several bouncy class 3 ish rapids. Just when it seems the action is slowing down to a languid, scenic pace Laurel Hill throws in one last rapid for a crescendo! At 1250 this section was reminiscent of Bloomington without the pools

After the whitewater action the creek braids around several small island. There is a lot of wood in this section so care must be taken with route selection.

We took out the Pennsylvania Fish and Game take-out right at a small road bridge. The trip can be extended another couple miles by taking out at the covered bridge.

We all agreed this gem is well worth another visit.

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