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The Great Potomac Tire Rodeo was a Great Success.
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Kevin Kearney and Beth Rogers organized the tire cleanup which drew non-paddlers as well as CCA members. We collected 229 tires for recycling.
CCA's Proposed Modification to the Security Zone.
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This map show our proposed modification of the Potomac Security Zone at Trump's golf course. GPS coordinates are approximate. We are asking the Coast Guard to allow us to paddle on the Maryland side of the river, and to give us a safe path across the river so that we can enter the GW Canal area of the Potomac.
News Coverage of Potomac Security Zone for Trump's Golf Club
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Our efforts to reach the news media about the closure of the Potomac River everytime Trump plays golf at the club on the Potomac has worked. We have made the newspapers and the TV news. Check out these links.
Proposed Changes to Security Zone at Trump Golf Course
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These are the changes that CCA and the paddling community are proposing for the security zone at the Trump golf course. We would like the boundary along the old C&O dam mover upriver at least 100 feet, and the boundary along the Maryland shore moved away from the shore to allow passage.
Potomac River Blocked when Trump is Playing Golf
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We spoke with the US Coast Guard. The river will only be blocked when Trump is playing golf, but that is not how the regulation is written.
Letter Sent to DC Area Media Outlets about Trump Blocking the Potomac
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I have sent this letter to the following DC area media outlets: ABC 7, CBS 9, FOX 5, NBC 4, WMPT 22, WETA 26, WTOP and WAMU. Others have sent the letter to local newspapers.
Potomac River Access Blocked at Violettes Lock
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The U.S. Coast Guard will block access to the Potomac River at Violettes Lock. This may make it impossible to run the GW Canal/Violettes Lock loop.