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Kellys Ford @ 840 cfs - 6 May 2021
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Today on the Rapp at Remington couldn't have been better - strong current, gentle wind at our back down the initial thee miles of flat water, and sunny with temps in the 60s. Nine of us* met at Manassas at 10, dropped cars, and proceded in five. At the put-in bridge we left a crew arranging boats (all kayaks) - Gus found a beaver swimming upriver as well as an eagle atop a tree. In setting shuttle, we found Jim Long's car already parked at the take-out. Proceeding up the river, Jim met us up at the end of the slack water and we came on down through Sandy Beach Rapid to the eponymous lunch spot. For dessert we introduced the three paddlers new to the run - to the remarkable half-mile rock garden down to the celbrated Piggly Wiggly Rapid. So many choices to eddy out, scoot across the river, and surf - it was too soon over. Ice cream or a soda outside Remington Drug (no admission because of covid), and then return to DC and environs - against heavy traffic of almost pre-pandemic proportions. On the bright side, all ten of us being vaccinated, we could paddle and shuttle with practically pre-covid abandon. A fine day on the river.

* Gus A (Coord), Lisa W, Mike K, Ernie K, Paul M, Bob M, Bruce C, Barb, & Alf - - - + Jim

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