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The Weekenders Paddling Group coordinates trips during the weekends, going to some runs familiar to participants in the Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday Paddling Groups but also including escapades like multi-day whitewater and flatwater paddles, family camping/paddling trips, river explorations, and sea kayaking. Weekenders differ from Sunday Paddles in that the latter are on Class I or easy Class II water, while Weekenders will vary a lot in types of paddling and levels of difficulty.

The actual trips will be up to the imagination and energy of the trip coordinators. Many have expressed a desire to travel down a scenic river, camp overnight near a hot spot like the Lower Yough or Stonycreek, explore the Eastern Shore, or "seayak" the Delaware seashore. Some already do this, or course, and we'd like to offer our help by providing an established forum for communication and logistics.

Tom Hackman coordinates Weekenders' communications. If you'd like to join the list of trip leaders maintained by Tom, contact him via email at tphackma@gmail.comHowever, any CCA member is welcome to sponsor a trip through the Weekenders Group.


Weekender logistics are similar to those of the other CCA Paddling Groups. The coordinator will solicit volunteers to lead trips among the trip leaders for the month(s) ahead. The coordinator will also work with the upcoming trip leader to finalize the details during the week(s) before the trip because extra planning time may be needed for the more complicated adventures. On Monday of the Weekender, the first email announcing the plans will be released to the Weekenders distribution list. As always with Club trips, please contact the trip coordinator to let them know you plan to join the trip or must cancel.


To join the Weekenders email distribution list to be notified of trips, please send a request to For further information about CCA trips generally, check out: 

o  CCA’s Trip Schedule for upcoming trips. 

o  CCA’s Trip Reports page to see where we have been paddling. 

o  CCA’s Trip Guidelines page for more information about paddling with CCA.