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Cacapon River


The Canoe Cruisers Association helps paddlers get together for mutually arranged cooperative adventures to explore local rivers and streams. 

Most trips are day trips - CCA membership is not required, though we hope you'll join.  To join one of these groups, specify which in a note to and we'll answer right away.

Sunday Trips - nearby, easy flowing water - Like Anglers to Lock 10, Violettes Lock Loop    ( 100 people on list )

Thursday Trips - can be farther afield - 2 to 4 hours away - more difficult - James, Yough, Shenandoah Staircase, Baltimore, Bloomington Releases, Little Falls.  Often there are two on the same Thursday - one near, the other far.  (350 on list)

Pick-Up Trips - spur-of-the moment, when rains come to smaller brooks.  The group mailing list sees that all on it get the word immediately.  (160 on list)  If proposing such a trip - please send it to 

Wednesday Evenings Start in May, after-work on the Potomac - look on Paddle Prattle.

Community Paddlers - Trips suitable for children (warm water, easy water) open to families and singles.

To join these trips, look at the Trips and Events Calendar. From March through October we send a weekly Upcoming Trips email to CCA members. We also have email lists for Sunday, Thursday, Family/Community and Pick-Up trips, many or which are scheduled last minute. Send a message to and tell us which list you want to be included on.


Club trips are informal get togethers for interested paddlers. See Trip Guidelines for a detailed description of our trips. We have no formal or paid guided trips.  Nor do we have club paddling equipment or plan private trips.  For this, contact one of our commercial Outfitters.

Any Questions?  Write to, and we'll answer right away.

Scheduled Trips

Club members volunteer to coordinate outings throughout the year. About 35 did so in 2019.  Paddlers can find outings that suit their skill level.


See the Calendar page for a listing of these trips for the next several weeks. 

If you have children, look on our trips calendar for family friendly Community Paddles.

Check the schedules of other paddling clubs. We usually combine these schedules.

Blue Ridge Voyageurs

Equipment and skills. Non-members welcome

Members and non-members are welcome on CCA trips. They must have their own equipment and the appropriate skills for the rated trip difficulty. If it goes well, please consider joining the club. You can Join CCA now or Contact Us for more information.


Members and guests who join a Scheduled Trip acknowledge they have reviewed and agree to the provisions found in our Trip Guidelines.

Pick Up Trips

When it starts to rain and that favorite river is rising, use the Internet to find others to put together a last minute trip. Local paddlers meet, plan trips and share tips on the CCA Facebook Page, the CCA Message Board and the Monocacy Canoe Club Message Board, Paddle Prattle. You can also sign up for our pickup trips email list by contacting

Potomac River Access Points

Many of our paddling access points are on the Maryland side of the river.  This is thanks the the C&O Canal National Park which runs for 184 miles along the Potomac from Georgetown in Washington, DC, to Cumberland, Maryland.  See the C&O Canal Association list of access points with descriptions, coordinates, and Google map links. You should also check Potomac River Access Points

Coordinate a CCA Trip

We are always looking for members to coordinate trips. Pick a place you like to paddle and email the Trip Committee Chairman. If you are unsure what a Trip Coordinator does see Trip Guidelines.


Charlie Duffy's Trip Leader Presentation has a wealth of information for paddlers who are new to trip leading and would like to coordinate a CCA trip.

Meeting Places

Where to meet to carpool ad consolidate boats. Meeting Places

See the 
StreamFinder for more information on small streams in the area.