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ACA L4 (Intermediate) Kayak Class is this weekend ...
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The CCA has recently migrated to a new website and is in the process of reconciling registrations made before and after the cut-over. To simplify things in the interim, here are our plans for the Intermediate Kayak Class.
Meeting Location: Teeter's Campground in Albright, WV Friday Evening
Saturday: Leave Teeter's at 9:00 AM to head to the Dry Fork of the Cheat near Parsons, WV, an excellent teaching river.
Sunday: Based on the skills of our group, we will choose a larger river to work on big water boating skills
This class is free but you will need your own gear and be very comfortable in Class II whitewater.  The class concentrates on developing strong class III boating skills on small and large rivers.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me - Charlie Duffy.
If you haven't registered on the new site, please send me an email so I know you are attending.  Our base of operations will be Teeter's Campground for the whole weekend.

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