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Pickup Trips Email List
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How to Use CCA's Pickup Trips email list for last-minute paddles

  (updated 21 Sep 2019) Since March 2017, we're using this CCA website for last minute trips based on rainfall. While most will be on small streams available right after a rainfall, others will be on large rivers.  The message sent out will describe the trip, the difficulty, and the contact person.

To be included on this list, email with the subject "Pickup Trips." including your name, so we know who you are.

If you want to send a trip via this list, email (This spreads the word to about 10 of us, 1 of whom will send it out to the 178-paddler list (6/2021). Please give the date, location, contact person, and expected water level and weather. Best would be to find out in advance how to post your trip by yourself - Contact the webmaster or for such assistance.

, We'll post longer-term trips on our trip schedule: Email them to

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