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CCA – ACCESS PROJECTS – C&O Canal - 3 Nov...
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.Moved to Goose Creek
.Moved to Goose Creek


   T.O. = take-out,  P.I. = put-in

CCA – ACCESS PROJECTS – 20x -                                       15 Jan 2018

      This set of problems affects access to the River (the Potomac in almost all cases), most of which we've been dealing with over the years.   We suggest a longer term and consistent response to them.   Presented at the CCA board-meeting (10 Sept) – Access Committee formed 12 Nov.

First is a list, then the items in detail.


1 - Rewatering the Lock 4-5 Level:  the Coffer Dam

2 - Fletchers Take-Out - Improve

3 – Little Falls – Dalacarlia Take Out – Improve*

4 - Lock 10 Take-Out *

5 - Carderock Take-Out*

6 – Anglers Put-In – Improve Steps

7 - Swains Lock Take-Out - Improve

8 - C&O / GW Loop - Operation of Pennyfield Lock

9 - GW Loop: C&O Crossing - Improve

10 – Violettes Lock Put-In – Improve 

10.5 – Rileys Lock Put-In - Monitor

11 - Continuing Trump/USCG river blockages - working w/ the USCG on implementation *

12 - Anglers Put-In – Roll Back Parking Prohibition along MacArthur *

13 - Harpers Ferry Access - New Developments*

14 - Goose Creek - Press for a Put-In*

15 – Warning signs for bikes “Kayak Crossing” at 2, 3, 4, 6, 9

16 – Recover permission to put in at Roosevelt Island for the 4th of July paddle.

17 – Lock 34 Parking

18 – Md-side Parking at top of the Needles

19 – Patoma Wayside - Winter Parking

20 – Antietam Ck Mouth T.O.

DETAILS with Suggestions

1 – Rewater the Canal – Lock 4-5 Level - This is proceeding much too slowly - and the NPS coffer dam is needed more than ever.  This could take years - Get NPS to put in 2 very low dams to give 2 ft deep water, not 4 ft.  Disproportion of spending for the Georgetown Canal Boat – nothing for boaters, fishers.

2 – Fletchers - Build-up the waterside T.O. spot with gravel.  Broaden trail by the water, remove one log.  Also, three nasty broken-off 2”-high iron pipes near the parking place need razing - by saw, sledgehammer, dig-out. 

3 – Little Falls – Dalecarlia – Dig out the low level exit bayou and build steps and a slanted stone drag-ramp at the end.

4 - Lock 10 - T.O. used to be well stabilized with spongy stuff secured by black plastic snow-fence.  The upstream side is now gone and erosion is setting in - slippery, too.

5 - Carderock - T.O. before Stubblefield Falls. - Several possible locations.  Big job.

6 – Anglers - Put-In – Above the Canal -   Access is mediocre, the path becomes a stream in wet weather; the existing timber steps become more treacherous yearly.  Consider the disproportionately expensive stone bridge at the foot of steps.  Also, erosion down the road is a problem,

7 - Swains Lock – PI/TO is eroded, needs stabilizing – stone or concrete.

8 - Pennyfield Lock - The lock-wickets and waste-weir are opened, lowering the water level on the Canal up to Violettes to a trickle.  Boaters should have some input on these decisions - or at least be told when they're made.  

9 - GW Loop/ C&O Canal Transfer – Mile 21 - The towpath is being abraded on both sides by us boaters.

10 Violettes – P.I is difficult – esp for handicapped.  Tree roots are being exposed as paddlers clamber over them on several different routes.  Moving the rocks in the water a few feet would make the put-in far easier.   This put-in is used by TRR and kayaking schools and CCA beginner paddlers.

10.5 – Rileys Lock Put-In – Monitor – This Md DNR put in is ideal – nothing needed, but keep watch.  With Calleva there, any deleterious change will be instantly noticed – and opposed.

11 Trump Prohibition – CCA’s Sunday Paddles cross the Po almost every Sunday and now have a USCG number to call (410) 576-2525 that works well.  This info shd be posted at Violettes so the unaware not run into the USCG and spoil their day.  The USCG are (not always) enforcing a total river ban.  We need to show the USSS / USCG how kayaks are not the problem.  The USCG has yet to announce its final ruling. 

12 - The MacArthur parking prohibition near Anglers Inn is a crap-shoot - who'll be nailed on which day?  This is not how law enforcement should work.  This opportunity for mobilizing people parked there - handbills on windshields, talking with the Montgomery Co groups, etc.

13 - AW's HF Access project is dead in the water.  But 2 new short term fixes:  for the Needles: MCC has a deal with River Runners so members can go for free. (Should CCA do a similar?)  Also for the Staircase: Adventure Rec Center (below the 340 bridge) will drive you up to Millville for $5 after your run.  At the Weverton T.O get NPS to remove 3 downed trees across the trail. 

 14 - Goose Creek has been shut down 16 years - need to go after the new owners of the dam - Loudoun Water - to hurry up permissions.  Go see the planned P.I.

15 – Warning signs for bikes at “Kayak Crossings” at 2, 3, 4, 6, 9 - Should show a kayak being carried – say “SLOW – RING BELL.”  Too many bicyclists are zoned out, don’t realize the danger of hitting blinded kayakers, who sometimes have children along, crossing the towpath. 

16 – Reopen Teddy Roosevelt P.I. for the Fourth of July – CCA used to launch there – now no longer – Why?

17 – Lock 34 Parking – this has been blocked by the CSX or by the Canal – unclear – HFOF’s Mike Moore of HFOF will provide photos

18 – Maryland-side Parking – at top of the Needles – overrun by tubers in summer – Outfitters have a monopoly – need photos

19 – Patoma Wayside Winter Parking – This should be open to all (not just outfitters, who have closed for the season (1. Nov to mid April).  Change the signs.

20 – Antietam Ck Mouth T.O. – muddy after rain, thaw.  Place stone steps from riverside up the bank – 100 yds upstream.

 For all of this we need people, volunteers and advice.   Sep 22, 2017, Presented at 10 Oct 2017 CCA Bd Mtg.  


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