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CCA Canoe Instruction for 2018
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You can now register for 2018 canoe classes.  Go to the calendar page and search for classes that you are interested in taking.  Click on the class and then the register now radio button.  This will take you to the CKAPCO website to register for classes. 
Thanks for organizing this.  I've been watching for a CCA sponsored canoe program.  I'm interested in all the classes and definitely will sign up for the April class.  Unfortunately I think I'll be unavailable for the July class.
I am a new member of the club and I am going to take the courses Ross is organizing for next year. Thank you, Ross, for setting up the courses and finding the instructors. It's looking great!
Good stuff!   Took Brendan Fitz's class two years ago and it was really good ("Beginning Whitewater: Canoes").     Met Jordan Taylor while he was up at Madawaska Kanu Centre (MKC) up in Ontario, he was the head canoe instructor, maybe the head kayak instructor, too.    Brendan and Jordan are both terrific teachers!   I'll be there for the April class.   

Jordan Taylor shown below in black.  He's mean as a snake, and completely disgusted by the flunkees in the yellow canoe.   

Hi Ross, 
I'm interested in this lineup of classes. 
April 21: River Canoeing (tandem or solo, this class will assume basic flat water skills) / Instruction provided by CKAPCO: Instructor Brendan Fitzpatrick

July 14: Beginning Whitewater (tandem or solo, builds on river canoeing and flat water classes Mark Wray will be providing in late Spring early Summer) / Instruction provided by CKAPCO: Instructor Brendan Fitzpatrick

August 25: Intermediate whitewater  (tandem or solo, builds on beginning whitewater) / Instruction provided by CKAPCO: Instructor Jordan Taylor

I'd love to get back into a canoe and learn to paddle whitewater!

November 2017 Lower Yough Day trip: Ross, Aaron, Bass Jack, and Nathan 
Winter is coming. 
June 2017 Lower Yough trip. 
If interested in canoeing or have any canoe related questions, please post a message here and or email me.  Ross. 
The CCA instruction committee is planning and preparing to conduct canoe classes for the 2018 paddling season. This effort will include beginner canoe classes as well as river canoeing and whitewater. We are ramping up very quickly but if you are interested in being involved with this effort, please contact Ross Dence at
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