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Canoe Class Information

Intermediate Whitewater Canoe Class - August 25, 2...
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Location: Anglers Inn to Carderock @4.6-4.8feet
Instructor: Jordan Taylor, CKAPCO
Attendees: Ross Dence, Jennifer Sass, Michael Graham, Laura Kurup, and Ginny Guan
Instruction Topics centered on the 2 x 4 Paddling Technique 
People gathered at Anglers parking lot starting at 7:30am, set shuttle, conducted introductions, and were ready to put in by 9am.  Worked on strokes and techniques in the play pen before moving down to offuit island late morning.  Spent the rest of the morning, lunch, and a good portion of the afternoon working on techniques at offuit island.  Continued down to yellow falls rapid that was run multiple times.   Took out at Carderock after 4pm. 

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