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River Access, Hazard and Incident Reports

Geo Washington Canal Hazard - below Jacuzzi Rapid
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This is how it looked on Wednesday July 17, 2019. Water was lower but obstruction unchanged on Sunday July 21. Above four feet, a sneak opens up on river right (out of picture). Below 4 feet. portage on river right. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RUN THIS! Safely avoid it by paddling on the left side of the island.
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: the GW canal or bypass is not passable on river right of the island below the George Washing Machine. (aka Jacuzzi Rapid).  After Diagonal Rapid, you need to go river left.  If you go right and through Jacuzzi, you will then need to portage - right.  Calleva is cutting as much away as possible, but I doubt it will safe even with all we are doing. 

Swimming or kayaking into this would be deadly..

This obstruction has been there since April 2019
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