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New Deal at the Needles for CCA & BRV Members
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New Needles Deal - for CCA and BRV members to use the Bakerton put-in for the Needles. thanks to MCC Pres. Bob Whiting.
The Needles is a Cl. I/II+ run down the last 2-mile stretch of the Potomac above Harpers Ferry, and ending after the Shenandoah Staircase joins and Whitehorse Rapid (Cl. II+) - Three possible take-outs - See Ettinger, p. 178.
Procedures: Drive into River Runners' campground at Bakerton where the caretaker, who lives in the trailer by boat ramp,.has copies of members' names.  He'll tell you where to unload boats and where to park. If he cannot be found, unload boats next to the boat ramp promptly and move vehicles to parking area near the house trailer.  Avoid blocking the lanes used by buses for unloading their clients and for turning around.  The caretaker is new, so be patient as he learns the ropes.

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