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Pam and Alf went up (2018) to the Walkley Hill "put-in" and found it totally unusable - 10-foot cliff into the creek. - We later (2018) checked out another park-site on river/reservoir left hard by the Leesburg Greenway bridge that LoCo Parks was also touting as a put-in. Crappy - no parking and a 500-yard carry down to the water. We're now (2018/19) using the river-left site just off Sycolin Rd bridge.
Item #14: While tooling around looking for access to Goose Creek I happened upon a park on the river in the Goose Creek Preserve subdivision. Signs currently state the park (to be named Goose Creek Pointe Park) is closed to the public. When I emailed the county, Mark Novak got back to me saying they plan to open the park mid-summer. It wouldn't be the easiest place to put in (there wasn't a lot of beachy access), but it is potentially a public access point. The only other problem I could see with this park is the lack of parking. The entrance/trail head is at the end of a cul-de-sac surrounded by houses. On street parking would be very limited. The park is at the end of Walkley Hill Pl. if anyone wants to check it out.


This set of problems affects access to the Potomac River across (or under) the C&O Canal. We grade the difficulty individual “fixes” as simple to difficult largely by the ease of getting machinery to the site. Our all day visit of 3 Nov went to the 6underlinedsites, including Weverton up by Harpers Ferry.We're looking for people interested in working on these over the winter.CCA Access subCtee: John Snitzer, Alf Cooley, Barb Brown, Kathleen Sengstock, David Cottingham.15 Jan 2018

T.O. = take-out, P.I. = put-in

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