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Paddling Trips

TCSS - Cedar Creek Draft
Alford Cooley

TRIP COORDINATOR’S STREAM SHEET     CEDAR CREEK - 2,  Strasburg, VA       26/30 April 2021

Day Trip – Beltway – River – Beltway – 9 hrs.    Medium sized 100 mi² stream N of Strasburg

Thumbnail: 10.5 miles – 3 ½ hours with lunch – Class II (II+)  11 fpm – CZ - 200 cfs

Approach - From Beltway - 1½ hours - Out I-66 to I-81 S, cross Cedar Ck, take first Exit 298, N on US 11, cross Cedar again, park at the take-out, a large gravel area. 39.006209, -78.317738.

 Or meet at Manassas /Rte 234, 1 hr/ 50 mi away, to consolidate boats & drivers and leave off cars. Dress up at take-out.  

Main Features – This great springtime favorite is hard to catch – Its 11 fpm gradient keeps you constantly in motion.  Pleasant rapids, many turns – very few streamside houses – Bridge at Minebank Rd SR 622 affords a midway exit. Next section passes a broken low water bridge, pass carefully around the right. A RR bridge, the major rapids (Cl. II+), Panther Cave, and a small paddle-through arch are on the left. Finally come the abutments to the old Valley Pike bridge and the take-out. Beyond is a Class III- rapid into the North Branch of the Shenandoah.

Meeting Place – Manassas I-66 with Rte 234 - exit 47B, 50 yd N on 234 to traffic light, right on Vandor Lane just before gas station; cul-de-sac at Wyndham Gardens Inn  38.802208, -77.518028

Shuttle is 5 miles. Back to I-81, S to next Exit 296, VA 55/US 48. For 3½ miles W to Lebanon Church, NE on Middle Road 628 for 3 miles to bridge at Fort Stevens put-in. Roadside parking. All sides posted. Ask permission.  39.077963, -78.325661


Nearby Streams:  Upstream on Cedar – from Star Tannery on VA 55 – and indeed even higher (see Ettinger).  Stony Creek  (30/54 sq mi) is the next watershed to the SW, with the North Fork Shenandoah at Cootes Store gauge (210 sq mi) next to the SW. Passage Creek (83 sq mi) is 5 miles to the south

Gauge – USGS Winchester gauge is just above Stephens Fort at the head of this run. (102 sq mi) RC gauge by Lou Matacia is on the lower right pier of the put-in bridge.  Canoe Zero is 200 cfs – confirmed by Matacia’s gauge – a generous zero which will keep you moving with hardly any scraping. With 270 cfs the next section upstream is doable.    

** Guidebooks: Ettinger p. 299 (perfunctory), Grove p. 142, Corbett p. 79 , Matacia Blue Ridge Voyages, Vol. II, No 16 

Map of the Stream (Stephens Fort to US 11) – NONE YET


CAVEAT – Please familiarize yourself with the CCA Trip Guidelines at

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